At Natural Baby Box, we believe in building strong foundations and creating a brighter future for our children.

When company founder Hannah had her first daughter, her world changed. Suddenly nothing was more important than inspiring, nurturing and supporting her daughter as she grew. Creating a supportive environment that could allow her daughter to grow, fulfill her potential and set the foundations for future learning.

Stemming from her studies in mental health and child development, Hannah began to question “at what age do we start to support the mental health and development of our children?”. “I strongly believe that we need to support and look after our minds as we would our physical body, and this needs to start from the moment our little miracles come into our lives”.

Leading baby groups and assisting parents through a journey of discovery with their babies, Hannah would demonstrate the importance of play to support development. She noticed more and more the desire parents have, to nurture and encourage their babies, however, parents were overwhelmed with the extent of information and advice available.

Hannah set out to find a comprehensive solution to support both parents and the development of their baby.

From there Natural Baby Box was born….

"at what age do we start to support the mental health and development of our children?"

Natural Baby Box is the only UK home learning program for 0-3 years.

Setting a strong foundation for future success. Supporting development and early years learning through play, with a focus on nurturing the bond between parent and baby.

Each developmental play box is tailored to baby’s age including the right products, at the right stage to encourage sensory, cognitive and motor development.  Guiding parents on how to optimise the products included and how to create an environment that will allow our little ones to fulfil their full potential.

Our luxury gift collection supports parents with premium and organic products as they prepare for baby’s arrival. Carefully curated boxes, to include items that are not only beautiful but essential, when preparing for a new born baby. 

A cliché perhaps, but our babies are not babies for long, so let’s embrace and enjoy this journey. Natural Baby Box will support and inspire you and baby as you enjoy and treasure these precious first few years.

Browse through our wide selection of developmental play and luxury gift boxes to find the perfect box to support you and your baby’s stage.

"A mighty Oak from the Acorn grew" Joseph Enright




Looking After Our Babies And Our World

At Natural Baby Box our values are at the heart of everything we do. Ensuring that the choices we make, are in the best interest of our babies, our environment and their future. We provide high quality products, whilst also minimising the impact on, and protecting our environment.

We pride ourselves on the products that you will find in our boxes. Our wooden toys have been sourced from suppliers that also pride themselves on protecting the environment. For example, planting 2 trees for each tree that is chopped down and ensuring minimal or zero waste.

Our baby body products use naturally sourced organic ingredients, they are free from parabens and sulphates and our baby clothing and fabrics are from organic cotton.

​​We avoid plastic products where ever possible and by choosing high quality products that are made to last, we hope to reduce wastage – our toys can be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come.

We support fair trade projects and contribute to charity.

​​Our packaging has been lovingly designed with our environment in mind.

The boxes have been sourced from an FSC registered UK manufacturer that also place great value on protecting our world.

Subscription boxes are made from recycled materials and by using brown card we have negated the requirement for bleaches. Our minimal printing has also reduced further environmental impact.

We use biodegradable shredded paper to pack out our boxes, ensuring that the contents arrive beautifully intact for you to enjoy.

​We have carefully chosen a delivery partner that share in our ambition to protect our planet. Our delivery partner has made a commitment that every parcel they deliver will be carbon neutral.

We hope you feel as wonderful as we do, knowing that by making these choices we are reducing our footprint on the world, that is the future for those tiny toes.

"We provide high quality products, whilst also minimising the impact on, and protecting our environment"