Giving your toddler a choice

Give your toddler choices to support their development…..

Giving your toddler choices is a wonderful way to support their development and help to build a strong and mutually respectful relationship with you.

Allowing your toddler to make a decision helps they to feel more independent, encouraging their independence is a lovely way to support them as they grow and prepare for nursery and pre-school.

Toddlers can often feel frustrated that they are unable to express what they want and need. Some may refer to this stage as “the terrible 2’s” however allowing them to make choices will help them to feel more in control may help reduce their frustration and avoid upset.

A toddler can understand a lot more than they are able to communicate back. They are still developing their vocabulary, talking to your toddler and explaining to them will often calm their frustrations and further support their language development.

Giving your toddler choices will also help them develop a sense of self, it will encourage them to be thoughtful around their actions and support their cognitive development. It will open opportunities for questions, inviting your toddler begin understand the world around them.

For example, if they are helping to choose their clothes ready for the day, you can ask them questions about the weather “What is the weather like today, is it sunny or raining? Is it hot or cold?”

Here are a few tips when offering choices to your toddler; Toddler development

Be clear in their choices, only offer 2 choices so that they do not become over whelmed, for example, “What would you like for breakfast, cereal or toast”?.

Congratulate them when they make a decision “Well done, that’s a great choice, I love cereal too”

Be consistent when you ask them. For example, If you ask them every day what they would like for breakfast and then one day you just serve them toast, they may protest the toast.

Ask them to help you make decisions too. “What dress do you think I should wear today? My pink one or my blue one?” This will help to make your toddler feel more valued and encourage them to make good decisions for themselves.

They may even begin to pick their own outfit for the day, toddlers always have a great eye for unique fashion styling.😉😂

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