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Sharing…How do we encourage sharing in toddlers?

As parents, we are keen to encourage our little ones to share, to support them as they develop their social skills. However, we should remain mindful that they may not be developmentally ready, sharing is skill that will take many years to fully understand. Around the age of 2 and a half your toddlers’ ability

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Learning through play

Why Is Early Years Learning SO Important?…..

“Over 80% of brain development occurs within the first three years” Playing with your baby and exposing them to stimulation and new experience is crucial in supporting healthy brain development. Your baby is born with over one million neurons (nerve cells in the brain). Play, new experiences and stimulation will help to provide opportunities to

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Giving your toddler a choice

Give your toddler choices to support their development…..

Giving your toddler choices is a wonderful way to support their development and help to build a strong and mutually respectful relationship with you. Allowing your toddler to make a decision helps they to feel more independent, encouraging their independence is a lovely way to support them as they grow and prepare for nursery and

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Best baby bedtime

What is the best bedtime for your toddler?

After a busy day of fun and play, your little one will benefit from a calm bedtime routine and a good night sleep to refresh and recharge. But what is the best time for your toddler to go to bed? Susan, Sleep consultant from Settled Petals explains that as we grow and develop, the amount

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